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Software Audit

Semantic Limited provides an audit service for your software and website applications.

This not the sort of service that some large companies force you to do to make you buy more of their licences, but a service to analyse your current software systems, to ensure that there are both correct for your needs, and that the source code (if that is available) is up to the job.

Over many decades Semantic Limited have developed an in depth expertise in software systems, and can help ensure that your software needs are being met to the best possible level.

Software Audits provide:

  • Independent assessment of your current software

  • Independent assessment of it's suitability for the job

  • Advice on Future Options

  • Advice of Tools

  • Advice on Current Technologies

  • Advice on Future Proofing

  • Critique of Bespoke Software

  • Checks on Best Practices employed

  • Checks on Licensing Issues if required

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